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    As I've been going along with the Morrowind quests, I've been trying to ignore this problem. It's getting really hard to, and I'm getting more and more annoyed every time I hear someone say Nerevarine in ESO. The pronunciation has always been "Nare-Uh-Va-Reen", but everyone in Morrowind says "Nare-Uh-Vare-Ee-Un", which can be heard here image

    Seeing as how this is one of the most important things about Dunmer culture, it's pretty annoying that they just go about it so wrong, so often in this game. Anyone else get annoyed by this? WHY ZENIMAX, WHY?!

    Before you reply, if you're going to defend this with the "it's been 700 years argument" just stop now. I've heard it, I've considered it, it doesn't fly.

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  • 06/22/17--11:42: My sweet DPS Warden
  • Greetings guys and gals... I've made a post already on the Warden, how fun i find that class etc... out of context of performance of the class.... so i don't wanna mixt this thread with the other.. as while playign this toon i love so far, one Warden healer toon and one DPS warden toon.... at first i made it to enjoy, but as it went, i started to really like that toon... but as lots says, dps id weak, so my thread is not to discuss about the warden's low dps since there is plenty of other threads for this... but mostly, because i got down the path of trying to make him best at what he can like all my other toons.... i was then surprises to see that since Morrowind, it deals better than my magika sorc which for some reason since patch lost a few good dps, but i haven'T really played around with it and CP realocation as i mostly redistributed as before, but now my trip is my warden....

    so to make a long story short... my thread is about trying to find people to do pledges with, since it's supposed to be the worste dps ever in game as magika build, and most of the pledge i do i ended up upper damage % done... even with my friends i even close on so called top dps build and classes, i even now reach my friend NB that was beating me a lot before on my sorc in AoE... so i'm curious to see if any good end-game players that knows what good dps is to actualy group one day in a pledge or anything so i can see versys a good dps what it's like, even though my friends are dealling pretty well and i know it, i just doupt about pugs. :) I just wanna see how it stands and how far back it is with a good dps end-game player, i know i'm way down since i don'T have any vMA or Moondacers, just good old blue IA jewls...

    If anyone interested in trying out a pledge on NA PC server, let me know, either here or PM.... i really love this toon and i'm really curious to see how bad it is in practicle situation, not just on some numbers done on a non-moving skeleton :) Since most of the dps test i see, uses, pots, elemental drain, ultimates, other players buffing them.. and since my test i never use this, i rather test my raw dmg alone and have the surprise in real situation, so not easy to gauge the same situation as i do, but, in a pledge with someone, might be useful as a simple curiosity....

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  • 06/23/17--13:45: Proc set nerfs incoming ?
  • So on Eso live Gina said some changes to proc sets are coming next patch but she doesn't know what they are . They discussed further changes in the future but no mention of exactly what is planned . Is this good news or what for ESO ?! Wild speculation and suggestions appricated .

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    I KNOW there are other completionists out there besides me; we all want to know all the furniture plans. There have been times where I've seen one I didn't know in a kiosk; offered to trade a new blue morrowind or dwarven plan that (according to my MM data) was double the price of the one they were selling, and still had them say no thanks.

    So why don't people want to trade?

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    I'm not fully sure yet as my MagWarden is still just at lvl42 so I haven't equipped my 160 gear or a gold staff, but the skills already, for the purposes they're supposed to serve, just seem very lackluster when compared to competitor classes. The self heals are incredibly weak, I have to cast Enchanted Growth multiple times to get my health bar back to full. Arctic Blast's healing over time is negligible. The Ultimate however Healing Thicket is really nice for those "Oh crap" moments, and the low cost is a big plus. But the other Ultimate I use, Northern Storm I'm troubled to even call it an Ultimate. It's 5,000 damage per tick less than Elemental Storm for a cost of 200 is horrid. The only reason I keep choosing to use it is for it's 8% Max Magic buff since I'm a Khajiit and need as much as I can get.

    Since ZOS touted this class as a new option for Healing, I was fully expecting it to share numbers with the Templar. A BoL equivalent at least. And I was hoping this would be the class that made a Frost Mage DPS build possible and competitive.

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  • 06/24/17--11:32: Spanking the Bullies
  • Of course it's frustrating as all get out when you run into a boss that you seemingly can't beat, and he or she or it mops up the floor with you and humiliates you not just once but multiple times...

    ... But to come back a day or two later, when you've had the chance to calm down, figure out what you were doing wrong, and maybe switch out some abilities in your skill bar, and be able to give that bully who gave you such a hard time the Big and Decisive Spanking that he / she / it deserves -- WOW, that's a great feeling! -- you feel like Christopher Reeve in SUPERMAN II coming back to the diner to kick the crap out that rat *** who humiliated him when his powers were gone!

    My lady Redgard-Nightblade is BACK!

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    A costume like the wrothgar costumes but instead of a bear skin it would have a wolf skin and we would at least need black and white skins to choose from. I want my fake ESO nickname(I know I'm lame and overthinking this.... but still) to be the White Wolf but that doesn't make sense when I'm wearing a Bear skin. especially a black bear skin.

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