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Recent Discussions β€” Elder Scrolls Online
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    PVE sits on the sidelines.......again!

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    those of us who prefer and cannot live without an open world PvP server have waited and been silent about this since launch. but i know for me and many others that were here during beta and long even before beta started, have been asking for TESO, (eso), elderscrolls online to allow an open world PvP server for those of us who want to play that way. i requested it for almost 2 years on the only forum we could make our voice heard IE: the bethesda forums, as well as on eso facebook, and also thier eso twitter before eso even launched.
    now that the general population has had thier fun and playtime and are WELL into veteran levels, how about allowing us open world PvP lovers. to have our own server.

    please :)

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    I'm kind of trying my hand at the Tank class (Nord DK), and I have an Ebon set that dropped for me somewhere. My skill set is such that I'm not sure if I can do the really high level vet content and trials, so I was hoping someone could suggest a set that would go with Ebon and can be crafted or purchased for a modest amount. I have a crafting alt with 8 traits unlocked on most pieces.

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  • 01/23/20--02:53: Hissing Khajjit
  • I’ve just made a new Khajjit and what would make her even more awesome than she already is... would be if she could hiss and growl... please make this a thing zos overlords.... πŸ™πŸΌ

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    This is the official feedback thread for the upcoming change to Battlegrounds including solo queuing and MMR resets. To reiterate what was stated in the PTS patch notes, this is a big change to Battlegrounds matchmaking which we are executing partially in response to player feedback and partially as an experiment. We recognize the change will prevent players from being able to reliably team up with friends in Battlegrounds, but it should also improve both the speed of matchmaking and the competitiveness of PvP matches. As part of the change, we are resetting the matchmaking rating (MMR) of all players, so going forward, the system more properly evaluates individuals based on their performance in the solo queue.

    We’ll be closely monitoring both player feedback and the impact of these changes on the system.

    Going forward, we'd like to keep all discussion about these changes in this thread to keep the conversation consolidated. Thank you!

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    1) The Shield icon that displays for block should be adjusted to indicate when you're ACTUALLY blocking as it is on Live. The lack of the shield icon specifically on the timeframe when Block is ACTUALLY active after its implementation so long ago has confused many players but otherwise it's shown in the above video

    2) Holding block while barswapping feels atrocious. Timeframe for being vulnerable to heavy attacks/channeled abilities is too large and too punishing, probably going to be a nightmare for many especially in PvP and for newer PvE tanks. Barswapping too many times or other factors including getting CC'ed while you're holding Block (while barswapping or whatever) can bug out block to the point you have to RELOG for it to work again. Hopefully will be fixed on PTS.

    Lastly, while animation canceling skills with block still work, it feels like some skills are allowed more leeway in terms of how little of their animation is played. This can be both good and bad in my opinion although at the moment it feels very clunky.

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    Quick intro to the issue of this thread
    Rich Lambert just confirmed what some of us feared after the reveal in Las Vegas. Currently they are planning to reverse the way feeding works, so that feeding increases your vampire stage instead of lowering it and raising your power in the process. This is in conflict with the way vampirism has been handled in previous games (Skyrim and Oblivion) and is described through lore. Previously it has always been Vampires gaining strength from their affliction but becoming increasingly monsterous in turn, to the point were guards would attack you in Skyrim and Oblivion (but not yet in ESO) if you haven't fed in a while to regain some of your humanity.

    Here is a solution to keep the good things about the new but also stay consistent with the other entries of the franchise
    Instead of flipping the hunger mechanic on its head and getting into conflict with Oblivion and Skyrim's vampire system, let towns be considered Trespassing Areas for Stage 4 vampires.
    Transformed Werewolfs will be and Bonetyrants already are being attacked by guards on sight, and this should be expanded onto stage 4 vampires.
    That way feeding will still be something people would want to do routinely so that they could actually follow their business in towns, just like it's been in Skyrim and Oblivion.
    Since using vampire active skills currently raises the vampire stage, it would continue to do as it currently does on live, so that would be taken care off too and nobody needs to miss out on their max boni for their next trial or dungeon.
    It also makes sense as the new vampire skills will count as a crime, the same way Necromancer abilities do, so it makes sense that your monsterous abilities would also turn you more into the monster of the night that you are.

    Source for the confirmation
    Excuse the badly clipped clip. He answered my question about what new insentives there are to feed in the new system.

    Tagging @ShadowHvo

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    I'm just curious to see what the community thinks, and an explanation with your answer would be most appreciated. Btw if anyone is unfamiliar with the word, Hots = Heals over time.

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    I notice that UESP refers to a 'House Rilis' in their Firsthold article (https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Firsthold), which baffles me because we know of a "High Kinlord Rilis XIII" from Auridon's storyline. The name of this NPC would tell me that 'Rilis' is in fact a first name, not a surname. If it was indeed a surname then this High Kinlord's name would be 'Rilis XIII Rilis', or 'Rilis the thirteenth of his name of House Rilis'. So is this just a quirk of Altmeri naming? Did ZOS screw something up? Or is UESP inaccurate in claiming that the noble House's name is 'Rilis'?
    (for the sake of this question of mine lets also ignore the fact that the NPC should NOT even have 'XIII' or any other numerals attached to his name because he is not a king. We don't see High Kinlady Estre going around labelling herself Estre II or VI. Yes, yes, I know that Firsthold and the other High Kinlordships used to be Kingdoms in their own right, but they aren't anymore, not in the time of ESO at least.)

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    Thanks ZOS, now we'll have to put up with all the trolling, alliance hopping, scroll selling and other antics again in No CP. So sad. I know , there are are probably plenty of for this and against it but still, not really looking forward to that crap again. Heck I've witness people intentionally give the hammer to another alliance on more than one occasion since that was introduced even with locks. Won't be nothing to it now that they can just hop on another character.

    Please, at least put a decent cooldown on it so they people can't just hop back and forth between alliances at will every 10 minutes

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    Just a heads up for PC players using a gamepad. Update 5.3 coming with the Harrowstorm DLC will disable scaling for the gamepad UI on PC. This was confirmed by Gina on the PTS forum:

    Hey all, just wanted to confirm this is not a bug, but something we deliberately changed due to it causing a myriad of other UI-related issues. We apologize for missing the patch note for this change, and will make sure it gets included in the PC launch notes
    This means the gamepad UI will appear INCREDIBLY LARGE, making it quite obtrusive and difficult to use in a PC environment where you are sitting much closer to the screen.

    This will probably get lost among other topics of the new update, but I thought players should know to avoid an unpleasant surprise on release day.

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    First I tried to keep this clip under Fair Use rules but I needed to be able to point out what I'm talking about for those who don't watch the 2 hour stream recording.

    I do not understand why development time is wasted on placing meaningful story content inside of a group dungeon. I'm sure those who like group dungeons would rather those resources be spent on a 3rd dungeon rather than something they don't care about. I also think folks who are here for the main story don't like dealing with others while trying to experience it.
    Below is a clip that is the crux of my problem with the direction of this franchise.


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    This is the official feedback thread for any combat or class change. After you have a chance to try out different combat scenarios, let us know what you think of the current balance and changes.

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    EASIEST & FASTEST REWARDS is to do the 50 daily PvE TOWN MISSIONS in Cyrodiil
    There are also the 5 Cyrodiil dailies quest boards

    Kill a delve boss in Cyrodiil for an additional 20% AP buff for one hour!
    If you are completely new do the quick starter quest "Welcome to Cyrodiil" (Takes about 30s if you chose to skip training) to unlock two new skill trees which includes RAPID MANEUVER. Cyrodiil is a big place!

    There are many achievements to obtain

    1- Press J
    2- Select "Achievements" top right
    3- Select "Holiday Events"
    4- Select "Midyear Mayhem"


    Blessed of the Whitestrake - Acquire your first "Pelinal's Midyear Boon Box".
    Chosen of the Whitestrake - Acquire your 10th "Pelinal's Midyear Boon Box".
    Hand of the Whitestrake - Acquire your 25th "Pelinal's Midyear Boon Box".
    Wrath of the Whitestrake - Defeat 50 opponents during the Midyear Mayhem
    Mayhem Connoisseur - Receive the blessing of the Whitestrake at one of the Alliance Gates during the Midyear Mayhem.
    Echo of Pelinal's Fury - Read a Scroll of Pelinal's Ferocity during the Midyear Mayhem.
    Pelinavant the Scourge - Win a Battleground match during the Midyear Mayhem.
    Pelinaline the Bloody - Capture a Keep in Cyrodiil during the Midyear Mayhem.
    Pelinerrif Insurgent - Capture an Imperial District during the Midyear Mayhem.
    Star-Made Knight - Complete each of the Midyear Mayhem achievements.
    Medal Mayhem - Earn 25 Medals in Battlegrounds during the Midyear Mayhem.
    Midyear Horror - Defeat all the Patrolling Horrors in the Imperial City during the Midyear Mayhem.
    Pelinal's Harvest - Capture 15 farms, mines, or lumbermills during the Midyear Mayhem.
    Scamp of Mayhem - Kill a Trove Scamp in Imperial City Sewers during the Midyear Mayhem.



    The town quest givers will give out 50 quick & easy to do PvE MISSIONS per day.
    There are 5 towns and each town has 2 quest givers that give out 5 missions each per day.
    The town quests completes very quickly and needs no PvP skill if you can avoid other PvP players.
    Completing all the Town (Settlement) missions will earn you the "Hero of Cyrodiil" title
    There might be some PvP grievers ganking the "Cyrodiil Tourists" because they struggle to compete in actual PvP

    * Quest in groups if you are a NON-PvP player
    * Equip speed and immovability gear. If they cant immobilize or catch you, they cant kill you.
    * Inform the serious PvP'ers zone chat that there are x amount of gankers at a specific venue, they love that type of info and will act on it.
    * Use the gankers name in chat, some PvP players will a beef with that ganker and will make a special effort to come seek them out.
    * If a ganking group come to your town, simply go somewhere else
    * If they're watching the towns do the capture 9 resources mission from the Gladiator Conquest Mission board There are 54 farms, limbermills and mines and they are very fast and easy to capture.
    * If you get ganked respawn at another town or on the opposite end of the map
    * if you're on your own do the scout mission board quests
    * If you cant turn in a quest, hide till a fight starts then just turn it in
    * Quest turn ins do not go away if you get missions from another town
    * Hand your quest in at the same venue but in another campaign
    * Embrace the hide and seek version of the event and treat it as an advanced thieves guild quest.

    Run triple stealth gear in DIVINE trait with THE STEED mundus
    - four piece Vesture of Durlock Brae (Elsweyr)
    - three piece Night Terror (Stormhaven)
    - five piece Night Mother's Embrace (Deshaan)
    Be a vampire - They can run while invisible
    Be a Khajiit - Race passive -3m detection area when in stealth
    Be an Orc - Race passive to speed
    Be a Nightblade - Shadow cloak ability grants instant invisibility
    Equip a bow - Hasty retreat passive - roll dodge grants major expedition
    Equip an invisibility potion (Lorkhans tears/Blessed Thistle/Blue Enteloma/Namiras Rot)

    MAP: https://imgflip.com/i/3mhqd3

    - Bruma
    - Cheydinhall (neutral)
    - Chorrol & Weynon Priory (neutral)
    - Cropsford
    - Vlastaros


    1) Enter a campaign when you are level 10+
    2) Press L
    3) Choose Campaigns (Top right icon with crossed swords)
    4) Left click on a campaign from the list on the left of the window
    5) Right click on the campaign and choose it as HOME campaign
    Note: Golden Clover Guildies choose 30Day CP as their Home

    1) Ride back to base and use the wayshrine at the back of the base
    2) Die to players, slaughterfish, npc's or suicide potion and respawn at base
    3) Type "/stuck" in zone chat, click on "get me unstuck" which ports you to home base and then exit via wayshrine
    4) Port to Imperial City and go thru door marked "exit" in your home base

    (and where to get them / pickup locations)
    NOTE: All pick up and drop of locations are at the same place.

    Quest givers: Manor & Chappel


    * Repeatable Dangerously Low:Salvage medical supplies around Bruma.
    * Repeatable Capstone Caps: Recover mushrooms from Capstone Cave.
    * Repeatable Lost and Alone: Search for villagers around Bruma.
    * Repeatable The Standing Stones: Harness ancient magic for healing scrolls.
    * Repeatable Enemy Reinforcements: Track down Daedric reinforcements.
    * Repeatable Know thy Enemy: Fight Dremora in Bruma.
    * Repeatable Requests for Aid: Bring supplies to the outskirts of Bruma.
    * Repeatable Bring Down the Magister: Kill the magister of the Shadowed Path.
    * Repeatable The Unseen: Close portals in the manor house in Bruma.
    * Repeatable Timely Intervention: Look for missing warriors in Bruma.

    Quest givers: Rebel base west of the river

    * Repeatable Thorns in Our Side: Recover stolen valuables from a gang of looters.
    * Repeatable Spice: Destroy the Legion's food stores in Cheydinhal.
    * Repeatable Prisoners of War: Rescue rebel soldiers from Legion imprisonment.
    * Repeatable The Burned Estate: Stop the Shadowed Path from summoning atronachs.
    * Repeatable Ayleid Treasure: Loot an Ayleid relic from Vahtacen.
    * Repeatable Bloodied Waters: Take out enemy archers in Cheydinhal.
    * Repeatable Keepsake: Recover a rebel's family heirloom from the Great Chapel of Arkay.
    * Repeatable A Debt Come Due: Kill an Imperial lieutenant in Cheydinhal.
    * Repeatable Stacking the Odds: Contact a rebel spy in Cheydinhal.
    * Repeatable For Piety's Sake: Deliver prayers to a dangerous shrine.

    Quest givers: South East Structure and Weynon Priory's Front door

    * Repeatable Death to the Black Daggers!: Kill the Black Daggers in Hackdirt.
    * Repeatable Guard Work is Never Done: Return Captain Minwe's spirit to rest at Narsinfel.
    * Repeatable Field of Fire: Help protect Chorrol from the atronachs pouring out of the lava fissure.
    * Repeatable The High Cost of Lying: Turn the tables at a Black Dagger ambush.
    * Repeatable The Cache: Restock a supply cache for Lliae the Quick.
    * Repeatable Abominations: Burn the bodies of two Weynon villagers before they rise as vampires.
    * Repeatable Claw of Akatosh: Recover the Claw of Akatosh from the Black Daggers.
    * Repeatable Overdue Supplies: Locate the missing Priory courier.
    * Repeatable The Lich: Destroy the Shadowed Path lich at Lindai.
    * Repeatable Black Dagger Supplies: Poison the local bandit group.

    Quest givers: Central Flag and closest side building

    * Repeatable Seeds of Hope: Enter the lair of the Bloody Hand goblins in search of seeds.
    * Repeatable Offerings to Zenithar: Persuade the villagers to give offerings to Zenithar.
    * Repeatable Harvest Time: Help collect produce for the people of Cropsford.
    * Repeatable The Dead of Culotte: Cull the undead that gather at Culotte.
    * Repeatable Crown Point: Light a nearby watchtower to cheer the people of Cropsford.
    * Repeatable Bloody Hand Spies!: Kill a goblin skirmisher spotted scouting near Cropsford.
    * Repeatable The Hedoran Estate: Investigate a destroyed manor that was overrun by bandits.
    * Repeatable Securing Knowledge: Hide books in preparation for a goblin attack.
    * Goblin's Delight: Help with the murder of a cook's pet goblin.
    * Repeatable Timberscar Troubles: Kill the goblin leader at a nearby camp.

    Quest Givers: Central Flag and closest side building

    * Repeatable The Direct Approach: Help weaken a dangerous cult.
    * Repeatable Death to the Crone: Help destroy a dangerous Dremora.
    * Repeatable An Evil Presence: Find the source of the undead near Vlastarus.
    * Repeatable Bear Essentials: Kill a bear that has been threatening Vlastarus.
    * Repeatable Mementos: Recover refugees' stolen property.
    * Repeatable Rock Bone Diplomacy: Clear out a camp of goblins.
    * Repeatable Stolen Banner: Retrieve a stolen banner.
    * Repeatable For a Friend: Help settle a restless spirit.
    * Repeatable Essence of Flame: Help clear Ayleid ruins of flame atronachs.
    * Repeatable Silver Scales: Gather materials for a local artist.


    Quest Giver: Arcarin (Standing at the entrance of Eastern Elsweyr Gate)
    - Travel to Eastern Elsweyr Gate
    - Talk to Grand Warlord Sorcalin and choose to DO or SKIP Skip Training (you will loose nothing by skipping training)
    - If you chose training the go to the Siege Range
    - If you chose to skip training go to the quest boards and pick up the Cyrodiil dailies missions

    QUEST 2 - SEIGE WARFARE (Optional)
    Learn about the different types of Siege Weapons you can use on the battlefield

    Primary Quest Giver: Zan at the Eastern Elsweyr Gate
    Location(s): Eastern Elsweyr Gate Siege Range
    - Buy 5 siege repair kits from the merchant in the home base and equip it in your quickslot
    - Ride toward the Scroll temple of Mnem from Eastern Elsweyr base
    - When you get to the bridge across the river do not cross but follow along the river to the left
    - When you reach the seige traing site about a 100m from there speak to "Zan"
    - Fire the required seige engines

    Secondary Quest Giver: Taralin
    Learn to repair siege engines
    - To repair a seige engine stand next to it and use the repair kit from your quickslot as you would a potion

    Meet the major players leading the Aldmeri Dominion to victory in Cyrodiil

    QUEST 4 - CITY ON THE BRINK (Optional)
    Report to an alliance General for a briefing on the ongoing struggle for power in the Imperial City (Needs Imperial City DLC)

    Primary Quest Givers: Captain Mulamurr at the Eastern Elsweyr Gate and Captain Sireril at the Western Elsweyr Gate in the Aldmeri Dominion Base ;
    - Travel to and enter the Imperial City (Press L / Select IC campaign / enter)
    - Inside the Imperial Sewers you will see General Nedras in your left front as you come out of your loading screen.
    - General Nedras asks you to Speak with the Drake of Blades.
    that will start the Imperial City Questline

    Secondary quest giver: Drake of Blades:
    Location: Imperial Sewers AD Base.

    Note: The IC dailies with XP buff gives more XP than doing a Random Normal.


    Preview Basic info (2020)

    Event Start and basics (2019)

    Event Article Overview (2019)

    Midyear Mayhem Overview (2019)

    Legion Zero Outfit Style

    Game on!

    Marius Buys
    Golden Clover Guild (PC EU)

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    Like in the thread title. What do You think about general state of the game in this nearly finished year. Talking about all aspects together. Season of the dragon story and all DLCs that were part of it , base game changes , new additions like necro class , balance , performance etc.

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    I know he is alive and searching for his disappeared folk. Or maybe im wrong?

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    Is there a 4 four stat BUFF DRINK ?

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  • 01/05/20--18:34: Ps4 bluescreen fix date
  • The last update we got was β€œin January β€œ do we have a date for this update? The last patch to fix ps4 did actually nothing. People bluescreen 10+ times a day. Looking to see if they have an actual game plan to fix this

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    I don't main a mag dps but those I've talked to really dislike ele weapon for a lot of reasons. I'm curious if this is a common opinion and if it is, why hasn't something been done about it? If it's not, what do you like about it?

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    One of the bigger issues I see with the 3 banner war is that all too often there is a fight for second place between the 2 factions not in the lead rather than those 2 factions both focusing on the faction that is in the lead. This campaign is less than a week old and already this battle has begun for second place. The whole premise, to me, of a 3 faction system is that the 2 factions that are trailing have the opportunity to ally with one another and focus on the leading faction to make things a 3 horse race. For varying reasons this just doesn't happen organically. You see it from time to time, but in the end it never lasts long and one of the factions that is not in the lead starts attacking the other trailing faction, and it falls apart and becomes a you started it and I'm going to finish it affair with these two factions spending way to much time fighting petty battles with each other rather than focusing the leaders where they should be. Boredom, people who care nothing for the scoreboard, etc. these things derail what should be happening and distract from the larger overall goal of focusing on the leaders.

    Therefore, I recommend giving a 50% AP increase to the 2 factions not in first place whenever they kill an opponent of the leading faction or take resources, keeps, or scrolls from the leading faction. What I am looking for is an incentive that is enough to shorten these times of petty fighting between the trailing alliances and increasing the time these 2 alliances spend focusing on the leaders as is intended by the 3 faction system. Would this be incentive enough to do that? I don't know, but I think it is worth a try. If double AP can fill up all servers and create the need to add additional servers a 50% increase like this may be enough. It may also pull people out of pve land that are on the 2 trailing factions to take advantage of the bonus when their faction is not in the lead. Look at it this way, they are in the lead so they are the biggest threat, and are worth more to each factions cause than the faction in second or third place. Anything that can aid in making the scoreboard more competitive I feel warrants consideration, so please consider this.

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    I was hoping for a bow but got a masters lightning staff in vdsa today. What kind of build can i use it for? Is it any good? I was thinking som kind of a magblade setup or perhaps sorc?

    While im at it, what are the most sought after weapons from the vet dragonstar arena?

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    Where is the Impressario in Daggerfall? Will there a map icon pop up?

    Thank you!

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    Guild : The Dancing Daedra
    Time Zone : Eastern
    Language : English
    Primary Communication : Band
    Band Server : ESO The Dancing Daedra PS4
    Platform : PS4 NA
    Recruitment : Open
    LGBT FriendlyπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

    Happy New Life from The Dancing Daedra!

    Hello and welcome! You have followed the music and found The Dancing Daedra, where everyday is like one of Sanguine's parties!

    We are currently looking for more social player of all levels to join our party! We are a chill group of people looking for more friends to join us!

    We have members who do everything from pvp/pve/trials/dungeons/home decor/rp! We have a growing guild hall with several set stations and more on the way. Extra guild halls available via guildies. Other then regular questing and grinding we offer various events like home decor and obstacle courses. These events can be found posted on our BAND server.

    All are welcome regardless of experience! We are here to help!

    Come join us! With Sanguine the party never ends! Dance With the Daedra TODAY!

    For more info click the spoiler to expand the guild info or drop a comment!

    β˜†Who we areβ˜†

    Hello and welcome! You have followed the music and found The Dancing Daedra, where everyday is like one of Sanguine's parties!

    We are a small and growing, casual, mature guild looking for more friendly players both new and veteran to enjoy ESO with. We are currently recruiting new players who want to learn about the game and veteran players who enjoy helping others. We value the knowledge that veteran players have to offer and would love to have you share your achievements and experience with us and players who are new to the game.

    Here at The Dancing Daedra we do not judge or have any requirements for joining other than being friendly and respectful to others. We choose to encourage rather than criticize and will never belittle someone for asking questions. We will never kick someone out of a group for making a mistake or having a low level. We are here to help people learn. We are a Non-Elite guild and there is a 0-tolerance policy for abusive behavior of any kind within the guild. We believe that having a guild that knows and respects each other makes the game far more enjoyable, this encourages other members to be active.

    We believe it is very important that every player understands that no matter what guild you join you will only get out of it what you put in. It is impossible to maintain an active guild without the support and investment of its members. In order to promote an active guild environment, it is vital that players greet, respond and engage in conversations with other members to chat as well. Remember the guild is as active as you make it!

    The responsibility of entertaining, communicating and helping should never be the job of a few players, instead, all members of the guild should take part in this. We know that real life can often get in the way of playing games so don't think that you have to be on everyday all the time. Many of us work so weekends tend to be the prime time.

    β˜†Guild goalβ˜†

    We created this guild with a few ideas in mind.

    1. We wanted a guild that can serve as a hub for friendly players, new and veteran alike to look for groups and ask questions without feeling like they will be judged or looked down on. This guild will only be as strong as the members who are willing to engage, help and play with others.

    2. Develop a core group of friendly, helpful players to run Dungeons, Pledges, Trials and PvP with (seeking pvp leads yellow). We believe that having a smaller guild that knows and respects each other makes the game far more enjoyable over a maxed out guild where you are just a name on a roster.

    3. We also believe that it is important to have players who enjoy helping others and want to pass on the knowledge that they have gathered during their time in Tamriel. The Dancing Daedra are here to help new players level up and learn about everything that ESO has to offer in a positive, supportive environment. We all know what it's like to be new to a game and feel lost, especially in a world as big as ESO. The Dancing Daedra is dedicated to helping new players with questing, leveling, collecting gear and answering any questions they may have.

    Everyone was new to the game at one point. Some people come with more experience in mmorpgs than others so remember what it was like to be new and help others. We are here to make friends and to help new players learn what the game has to offer in a positive and supportive environment. In order to promote an active guild environment, it is vital that players greet, respond and engage in conversations with other members in the guild chat.

    β˜†Guild Functions & Activitiesβ˜†

    >> Interactive Event Calendar! View current events or ask a BAND lead to make one for you!

    >> Guild events like housing decor contests, obstacle course/ maze runs, fishing, raffles, and more! Have an idea for an event? Let us know, we always want event hosts or suggestions. Events are scheduled on Eastern Time primarily.

    >> Daily Dungeon runs - are you looking for just normal runs, gear farms, or maybe vet achievements? Let us know! You can plan groups on our BAND server!

    >> We have a growing guild hall! It may not have every set station but it is coming along. Currently found in the hall: Merchant, Banker, Target dummies, Provisioning Station, Enchanting Station, Alchemy Station, Dye Station. Armor Master, Noble's Conquest, Redistributor, Trial by Fire, Pelinal's Aptitude, Kagrenac's Hope. Orgnum's Scales. More coming soon. We have several members with transmute stations, target dummies, and mundus stones available to the guild.

    >> Master Crafters! Do you need gear for researching or a set for your build? Our crafters can help. May be required to provide mats for CP160 gear.

    >> Furniture Crafters! We love housing here and have many awesome decorators that can help make decor or help you with a house design! May be required to provide mats. Do you love house decorating? Let us know, we would love to see your creations! Join our housing decorating contests!

    >> Build help and advice! We don't require anyone to play a certain way, so if you like to play with out of the box and wacky builds that's fine but if you find yourself having trouble staying alive or doing damage we have many people who can help!

    >> Casual social community with mature members and officers always willing to give a hand to those in need of it.

    >> Free Vampire and Werewolf bites.

    >> Seeking PvP leads that want to teach the ins and outs of PvP in a friendly environment. (Yellow)

    >> Vet trial progression team in the works. We are looking for friendly people who want to learn vet mechanics in a friendly environment. BAND required for planning. For interest in the prog team send a message via the in game mail to the GM.

    >> Roleplay and character stories! Do you have a backstory for your character(s)? We would love to hear it if you want to share. Several guildies post their character stories on our BAND server. Don't be shy! All writing levels are welcome and encouraged to join. Take us on a trip through your characters life!


    >> Not required but always welcome. Donations go towards event prizes and the occasional guild trader. We would love to have a trader available to our members more regularly so hopefully in the future we will be there.

    β˜†Bank Accessβ˜†

    >> Access to the guild bank is granted at Daedroth rank. Donating to the guild bank, helping others, and being social is your ticket to bank access.

    β˜†Follow upβ˜†

    >> We are not elitist. We choose to encourage rather than criticize and will never belittle someone for asking questions. We were all new once.

    >> We will never kick someone out of a group for making a mistake or having a low level. Mechanics take time to learn and we are here to help. Certain things like Vet dungeons and trials require a minimum level, don't feel bad if you aren't there yet, you will get there soon!

    >> We do not tolerate any kind of abusive behavior or negative remarks directed at others. Abusive, racist, sexist, or hateful comments will get you kicked immediately.

    β˜†Who we look forβ˜†

    >> New or experienced players. As long as you're friendly you're welcome here.
    >> Mic required for trials and vet dungeons. Not required for normal dungeons but preferred, especially if you have never run the dungeon before.
    >> Must be active and social - we understand we all have lives and jobs. We aren't saying you have to be on everyday, just try not to go MIA. Will you be away for a bit? Let us know so you don't get removed for being inactive.
    >> Members that want to learn or help in a friendly environment.
    >> Members that want to host events such as PVP, hide and seek, fishing, ect. Seeking PvP leads (yellow)
    >> Seeking house decorators
    >> Seeking roleplayers and people who like writing characters stories

    β˜†Why choose us?β˜†

    >> Our goal is to build active community, meet new people and enjoy our shared love of the game and lore. If you are new to ESO and looking for a small friendly guild to learn and grow with then this might be the guild for you. If you are a veteran player that is looking for something other than a huge, hardcore guild and think you might enjoy helping and teaching others then this might be the guild for you.

    If you are interested please leave a reply with your PSN name and we will get you an invite as soon as possible and we look forward to fighting and dancing by your side!

    Dance With the Daedra TODAY!

    0 0

    Ouroboros Housing Discord Competition
    Ok People
    It is time to get your creative heads on and get your modelling clay/Lego out.
    We have decided to have a little competition based on the following themes
    Choose 1 of the following 4
    1 - Pet /Farmyard Theme
    2 - Village Shop Theme
    3 -Garden Theme
    4 - Aquarium (no fish bowl entries :))
    There is no limit to size (only that of the house you build in) so a 200 slot or a 700 slot house can be used.
    Your entries are to be posted in the competition channel and also make sure your the houses are open to all to visit so people can view and vote on them
    The voting system will be as follows. Each member will vote for their top 5 favourite houses entered into the competition - ranking them from 1 to 5 (1 been your top favourite and working down your list to no 5)
    Voting to be done via discord private message to Shauriel or clacker, once you have decided your 5 favourites
    At the end of the competition we will collate all the votes and announce the winner
    The prizes will be as follows
    First - 300k Gold
    Second - 200k gold
    Third - 100k gold
    1 - You Must be a member of Ouroboros Housing Discord Server to enter the competition
    2 - All entries are to be posted in the competition channel and voting to be done via discord private message to Shauriel or clacker
    3 - You cannot vote on your own House
    4 - your house must be open open to all, so people can view and vote on them
    5 - Must be a fresh build
    EU only at the moment (sorry NA cant get the prize money to you if one of you were to win)

    Entries must be in by the 1st February
    Voting must be in by the 7th February
    Winners will be announced on the 9th February

    Good luck and have fun, We look forward to seeing your creations.

    NA also able to take part thanks to StabbityDoom who has kindly offered to cover any prizes on the NA server! Thank you Stabbity!

    0 0

    As title says, you've switched from CP to NO CP on the PTS (we never had this before on PTS).

    We can't test CP stuff in cyrodiil. Please fix that, or add a second campaign, thanks.

    0 0

    Right now the performance during most of the evening is really bad but i think it could be partially improved if we would change the cyro a little during the high load times. I would introduce a performance mode that would deactivate unneeded things during this time.

    Calculation Reduction:

    1. despawn all not cyrodiil related npcs (all quest npcs and overland enemies if someone wants to do them they can go in the empty campaign)
    2. despawn all guards - during prime time the are most of the time useless anyway against the mass of player and the AI does not work anyways if the server is under stress
    3. deactivate the Resilient CP passive during this time - really this passive has no cooldown and can proc other procs that can proc procs
    4. deactive cross healing outside of your grp (or at least all hots) - potential major performance increase
    5. deactivate pet targeting - it is just an additional target to calculate

    • You can not respawn(only teleport per stone) at a keep if all 3 resources are taken - helps to split players
    • resource flags behave like Imperial city flags and do not turn so fast if many player stack on them - encourages to split up to take resources
    • siege can no longer be repaired or put back in the inventory (put back should be replaced with destroy). This forces the players to use siege weapons more tactical or spend a lot of ap on them - It should also help with the performance since the eso devs said that siege weapon are especial heavy on performance and right now siege are so extreme cheap that almost everyone sets them up without thinking
    • deactivate catapults - i just think that those massive big aoes really do hurt the performance

    • give players in this time a generic outfit or at least give players the option to enable this for other players (assuming you also no longer get the data for the outfit from the server)
    • give players in this time a generic mount or at least give players the option to enable this for other players (assuming you also no longer get the data for the outfit from the server)
    • deactivate foot steps
    • deactivate all other unneeded information or at least look if there are still unneeded information sent e.g. let player deactivate guilds(traiding) including chat or other information while being in cyro
    • implement a native way to exchange ultimate and resource stats with your teammates -> currently it is done with an addon and this more or less abuses another system and may cause additional load on the server
    • change all ccs to normal ccs, because all knock up or knock back ccs are just buggy as hell during prime time


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  • 01/20/20--23:32: Thank you !!!
  • Moltan armaments was fixed now in 5.3.0 it finnaly WORK :)))) after 9 month of incorrect work !!! Perfect, just perfect !!!
    Thank you so much !!! Finnaly it works correct. I am so happy !
    Correct work with restro and destro now.
    Correct damage in heavy attacks.

    Pls do not bug it again like in 5.2.3 pts version.

    A lot of sets are better now.

    Stonefist - such beauterfull animation, like never before. Looks so cool.

    As i see proc sets now work good in easy rotations, but a little more dps is only possible to make in old rotations and sets.

    Zaan+elf bain works really good, very big dps boost for mdk, 25% to all dk dots + zaan povered like you have 2 Zaans now. Like +1 new not perfect Siroria in dps.

    New sets for stamina are cool too.

    Better sustain, on some skills, like bow hail and destro wall of elements.

    Like changes very much.

    I hope they will not change any thing. May be just elf bain fix from 5 to 4 seconds if it will be to OP.

    Really really good for now !!!

    Do not bug some thing again!!!

    For now really really good update.
    I hope nothing change.

    If dps will be to high - do not fix anything !!! Better give more resists to monsters. Do not break skills any more !!!

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  • 01/22/20--15:07: So... Just to be clear...
  • There are no new powers or weapons this new chapter?

    0 0

    For a stamnecro in 5 medium with fury and NMA infused is still better than robust in purple in cp camp?

    0 0
  • 01/22/20--13:03: penetration values
  • Can we see them on the character sheet please